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What is Ninja?

Imagine putting the BEST elements of gymnastics, parkour, agility training and American Ninja Warrior into a small group class.  We focus on learning skills they can apply to ANY SPORT. 


Now... take those skills and put them into a game.  That's Ninja.

We teach kids to cartwheel, safely land and roll, walk on their hands, swing monkey bars, climb the rope, move like an action hero, and be masters of any playground.

And we do it all while building their self-confidence, developing their structured learning skills, and nurturing their inner creativity.


Sound awesome??? It really, really is.  

Do you Offer Free Trials?

At Ninja Squad Gym, instead of a free trial we offer a money back guarantee.  Sign Up for a class and, if you don't dig it for any reason, we will fully refund you, even for the class you took!  We want you to give it a try without fear of commitment... so come play!

Do Kids wear Shoes?

Short answer: No, kids go barefoot.

Long answer: our first focus is keeping kids safe.  We want them to take lots of reps on clean equipment that helps them bounce back up when they fall.  That's why we go no shoes and teach classes using the best mats and matting the industry has to offer. These mats are made with vinyl and dense foam.  Socks, even "grippy" socks, like to slide, so we ask kids to go barefoot so they can play games like the "floor is lava" without worrying about slipping around!

How do Sessions Work?

At Ninja Squad Gym, classes are year-round.  We bill monthly on the first of each month, prorate if you start in the middle of the month or if we ever have to close, and the class fee stays the same even if you get 5 classes that month.  Your enrollment is ongoing, so just email us if you ever need to make an an adjustment!  Otherwise, the spot is yours indefinitely!

What if my kids aren't the age listed for the class?

Give us a call!  Sometimes siblings want to go together, or neighbors, or school buddies.  Tell us your story and we'll see what we can do.

Do you offer classes for 2 & 3 year olds?

Absolutely!  We offer Buddy Ninjas for 2-3 year olds, and Lil' Movers for 3-4 year olds.  Lil' Movers are independent and go through the class without a parent or guardian. Buddy Ninjas bring a grown up through the class with them.

Do you have OPEN Gyms?

Ninja Squad Gym is dedicated to structured based learning!  We will host events frequently, where kids will get the chance to come and play games, build agility, and explore the space.  Fill out a contact sheet to subscribe to our email list to learn more about these events, or check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for upcoming news!

More Questions?


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