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Our Story!

Our Mission

We believe every child should know how to find some fun while strengthening their bodies and brains.  At Ninja Squad Gym, we create fun, energized, skill based programming that inspires kids to love their bodies, build their balance, grow their muscles, and recognize that all learning can be as fun as a game.

Our Promise

Being great at this is hard... and we promise to always be great.  To be great we are deeply committed to the following:

Be Clean

Because no one wants to play in a smelly gym.  

Be Safe 

Our coaches, facility & program will be designed with safety as job one.

Be Kind

With our students, our staff, and our clients: We lead with kindness.

Be Helpful

We love to problem solve, and we will always be of service to you.

Be Learners 

We will make mistakes, and we don't know everything.  So every day we will strive to listen to our clients, learn from our industry, and grow towards a better version of who we are and what we do.

Our Family

Coach Tony grew up in a gymnastics gym... and LOVED it.  With over 20 years of coaching experience he found his passion in the world of ninja, specifically with entry level kids learning to find joy in the skill challenges they faced.  He invented the Achieve Sleeve to inspire ninjas to reach their goals, and created The Ninja Squad so that kids could move through their learning alongside characters they love.

But his true happiness is with his family; his wife, Bridgette, and his three little ninja boys.  This little crew is the true inspiration for everything we have built.  Our pursuit has never been competitive glory, it will always be joyful learning.  Happiness is everything, and this little family wishes to share a little of their happiness with you every time you walk through our doors.

Thank you for joining us, in our little ninja home.  

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